Based on today´s rapid development in technology we created a NanoLab to give you a glimpse of what´s to come. Sounds exciting? We think so too. As most people in our community expressed interest particularly in the new Blockchain technology, we had our guest Renzo D´andrea introduce Blockchain: A postcard from the future. Renzo – a trained design thinker – moderated engaging exercises which challenged our participants´ thinking. These exercises focused on what forms this new technology will take and how the future might look like. Renzo stimulated discussions about what it could mean for various industries, if Blockchain applications eliminate the “middle man”.

This NanoLab was a kickstarter of a new way of thinking. One of the exercises: ‘Design your Blockchain’, enabled participants to use Design Thinking to create a better and safer future with Blockchain technology. Check out Renzo’s blog for more details.