No one ever calls you at night to give you good news.

„Change can be exhilarating and bring about the best work of a life-time.“ (p xiii)

„Changing an organisation is inherently and inescapably an emotional human process.“ (p 9)

„If leaders want to change the thinking and actions of others, they must be transparent about their own.“ (p 28)

„Exceptional leaders realise that their most important legacy to an organisation is not just in creating a single transformation, but in teaching the organisation how to perpetually change and adapt, and helping it muster the will to do so.“ (p 35)

„The greater the number of people involved in the change, the tougher it will be to effect and the longer it will take. A team of ten people can adopt a new strategy in a matter of days or weeks.“ (p 49)

„The key to learning through talking, of course, is to genuinely listen. Every leader must find their own best way of listening… Whatever the method, leaders are always appreciative the richness of the information and the depth of insight they collect. They learn that their people genuinely care and usually have a solid idea of what’s going on.“ (p 71)

„We find in organisations of all types, that culture lags reality.“ (p 78)

„When the leadership team reaches alignment on vision, strategy, and values, it also needs to define the behaviours that will support the strategy and those that will be considered unacceptable. Group behaviour  and organisational change cannot be separated from personal behaviour and change. This is one of the hardest parts of any change effort, particularly at the executive level. As Leo Tolstoy wrote, „Everyone thinks about changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself.“ (p 103)

„Defensiveness does not generate a spirit of confidence, adventure, or experimentation, all of which are needed in great quantities when embarking on a major transition.“ (p 134)

„Although all the communication tools (print, video, e-mail, intranet sites and so on) are useful and necessary, most people prefer to get their information from a human being whom they trust – someone they believe has the inside scoop.“ (p 138)

„Your silence doesn’t stop the conversation; it just means you’re not participating in it.“ (p 143)

„It was primarily a matter of paying attention and keeping a sharp focus. From that initiative, we learned that if we all focused on any problem together, we could find a way to solve it.“ (p 159)

„Organizational change always involves personal change.“ (p 184)

„…he simply could not grasp that different people experience the same events differently, leading to multiple interpretations, and in fact, multiple, valid solutions.“ (p 209)

„No one ever calls you at night to give you good news.“ (p 236)

„When leaders really connect with their followers, the connection is forged from authenticity, as one human being to another. By taking responsibility for their own behaviour, including their missteps, leaders can engage at a deeper level and demand from others a wholehearted response and genuine engagement, rather than a simple compliance with orders and rules.“ (p 248)

The Change Monster. The Human Forces that Fuel Corporate Transformations & Change. Jeanie Daniel Duck, 2001, Crown Business New York.

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