Get into the creativity zone.

Innovation happens outside comfort zones. In CityLabs, you explore the rich fabric of Berlin, one of the world’s favoured creative cities. You immerse yourself in what makes this city unique. Engage deeply and to find unexpected questions.

Do you want to find out what is really going on in Berlin’s innovation and start-up eco-system? Do you want to meet and engage with key players shaping the future of Berlin, as one of the world’s premier start-up hubs? Do you want to dive into unique experiences in Berlin and get inspired?

We organise insightful tours, engaging on-site visits, diverse networking events, and create customised fun activities for national and  international visitors and delegations.

Selection of CityLabs:

Start-Up Eco-System Berlin

Berlin – City of Innovation & Renewal 

Discover Berlin’s Start-Ups


SRH Start-up Lab

etventure Startup Hub

Thank you so much for hosting in your space while we visited Berlin. The session was very interesting and useful in helping us understand the Berlin startup culture.

Susan Cole

Experiental Learning Manager, University of Waterloo, Canada

Once again we would like to thank you for the programme that you arranged for us in Berlin. Cool people, cool place. Fun to see what’s happening in Berlin.

Ann-Katrin Thesen

Social Innovation, Performatory, NHTV Breda, The Netherlands