The desire for creativity doesn´t exempt any field. When surrounded by an environment that focuses on innovation, it´s even harder to avoid. That explains the responses in our recent survey, where creativity got a heaps of votes.

How to ignite creativity? An anonymous author once said that creativity can be practiced. So what are some ways to ignite your creativity?

For starters, pay attention and update your working environment. Innovation presents itself in unexpected moments, however it´s crucial to be prepared when it does.

One environment which has proven loads of generated ideas in a short time frame are the NanoLabs we conduct. Forming groups with people who don´t know each each other, has resulted in a rich mix of suggestions and outcomes.

Seemingly, your environment is not only the materialistic things that surround you, it´s more about the people and the enthusiasm.

We hope this blog made you a bit more cautious and helped you retrieve elements from your own environment.  Don´t forget: Creativity is intelligence having fun.