We return with our winter edition NanoLabs experience. This time around NanoLabs took place at Gisma Business School in Berlin. Our participants were from different professional and cultural backgrounds, which admittedly is one factor that makes NanoLabs diverse and interactive.

This NanoLab played on the grounds of marketing, with the topic “Digital Marketing Hacks”. In order to be more aware of these hacks, we decided practicality is what matters most when dealing with new tools and hacks. Our guest speaker Matthias Reinholz presented us his favourite tools and how they can be used in combination. These hacks included Buffer and Zapier which enable marketing automation and ultimately help your business and ideas always stay active. Even more interesting is the correlation between these apps and how to actively engage and generate content, which is the ultimate time saving strategy. What should not be forgotten is that your audience still wants to feel your presence in the content that you post, so make sure your personality aligns well with these tools.

The Digital Marketing usage in B2B striked the most interest amongst the participants, who thoroughly engaged in the discussion and shared their experience.

You can check the feedback from the participants in this simple graph here.
I´d say we´re happy too 🙂

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