As a creator of a workshop, you are familiar with the process of how it unfolds and what it’s supposed to do. But it is a completely different experience to be part of it and sit in as a customer. And that is what I decided to do. I took part in our most recent NanoLabs at START Call. Frankly, by the end of the „Design Thinking in NanoLabs“, I felt like that room was roaming with innovation and ideas. Everyone shared a business idea and everyone else had another idea to build on the latter idea. It was inspiring. It challenged me to think of developing elements which I hadn’t considered before for my own personal business concept. At least not so intrinsically. Let’s not forget NanoLabs are time-boxed, the process is very quick and in one hour and a half, we did a series of short exercises to go through the core design thinking process applied to my own idea. I took with me a nice surprise. I was able to re-think and explain my business idea, hear the reactions of others and include the learnings when building a simple prototype with legos. It made me realise how import it is for me to surround myself with motivation.

START Call, is the leading student-run entrepreneurship summit for future founders. There were a few highlights that made it really appealing to be there. Experiencing our own NanoLabs as an active participant instead of being an observer, was certainly one of my mine.