Innovation Experiences, redefined.

Generating good ideas is hard, transformative innovations rare. At Innovationlabs.Berlin we make them happen.

 This is how InnovationLabs.Berlin co-creates your transformation.

We provide a low-risk, high-intensity learning environment where innovators and experts from across industries and competencies work together. By combining corporate innovation, start-up speed and preneurial innovation methods, we enable immersive learning experiences.

NanoLabs are short and intense events – up to one day. They are designed to create solutions, experience ideation and problem solving techniques. Notably learn from and with each other. Each lab is facilitated by experienced innovation experts and group moderators.

Find out how NanoLabs enable you overcome team gridlock, or lack of creativity, or procrastination in decision making, and dependence on outside experts.

MicroLabs are hands-on masterclasses. These are immersive workshops, and boot camps for innovators who want to move their start-up or project from idea to pitching or prototyping – all in less than one week. MicroLabs enable students, corporate innovators, start-up incubators & accelerators to rapidly learn how to build a successful venture while developing personal and team competencies.

Find out how MicroLabs enable you to validate your ideas, overcome a lack of entrepreneurial passion, shorten the critical initial phases of early stage innovation, and improve your digital maturity.

SpeedLabs are multi-month incubation and acceleration initiatives to create and implement a new product, service or business model. Starting from the idea through customer discovery to launch. Our “incubation-as-a-service” program enables investors and corporates to build new ventures and international scale-ups outside their existing structures, thus releasing unknown innovation potential.

Find out how SpeedLabs enable you to overcome your own innovation dilemma, internal innovation barriers, and the failure to adjust to real customer requirements and needs.

CityLabs are active engagements with Berlin’s start-up and innovation eco-system. Through moderated knowledge sharing and co-creation with international startuppers and technology enthusiasts, participants immerse themselves in the creative spirit that makes Berlin one of the world’s favoured start-up locations. Guided tours, on-site visits, and creative activities provide a rich and inspiring experience about Berlin’s Zeitgeist. Read more…