Innovation Labs enable creators to develop ideas with impact, quickly test and validate assumptions, and build solutions in an energising and low risk environment.

At InnovationLabs.Berlin creative innovators from diverse areas come together and dynamically design and develop solutions. We enable organisations to rapidly access markets and realise new growth opportunities. In our innovation labs, organisations build powerful new relationships while advancing their digital readiness. They nurture and grow innovation champions, improve their innovation culture and sustainably increase innovation effectiveness. New products, services, processes and businesses are created by exchanging ideas, experiences and insights.

We combine corporate and startup expertise with preneurial innovation methods to create unique learning experiences.

Co-Working & Co-Creation

Our members and partners work together and co-create. We are not a co-working space where people work alone. Our infrastructure enables focused task oriented work, meaningful group interaction, peer-to-per learning, and mentoring.

Innovation Experiences

We are knowledgeable practitioners and experts in innovation, transformation and leadership and create impactful learning experiences as impulse or continuous learning sessions and modules. We organize regular community events and meetups, scout digital innovation talent, and conduct classes for technical universities, executive education programs and employee development trainings. Our events, seminars, and workshops are conducted in Berlin, at the customer location or a creative off-site location.


Incubation & Acceleration As A Service

Our unique incubation and acceleration program empowers companies to develop groundbreaking innovation and business models relieved from existing limitations of company structures, internal innovation projects, or corporate programs. Our customers do not need to spend fixed costs or buy-in the expertise to set-up and run such programs. Just like Startups would, they learn and develop the required expertise quickly and externally before starting their own corporate incubator or accelerator. Companies participate in our 3-6-month incubation and acceleration as a service offering to rapidly test and validate new ideas without risk to the existing brand. This enables quick wins or successful lighthouse projects on their path to digital transformation.

We revive innovation.

LEAN & Ready To Go

Our program will be set-up with significantly less capital required and can be operational within just a couple of weeks. Projects can be executed in half the time necessary for internal innovation projects.

Less Risk

Multiple projects at the same time, supported by experienced specialists, and without risk to our customer’s brands and existing customer relationships.

Revitalized Culture

Innovators experience new startup approaches, absorb the founding spirit, and transfer valuable learnings into their organisations. Regular impulse events support learnings transfer frequently.

I have worked in and with InnovationLabs.Berlin since early 2015. They supported me in establishing my business, launch our innovative learning app Quizzer® and finding cooperation partners and customers in Germany and abroad. The community provided helpful contacts and through participation in the events, for example Nano Labs, we were able to strengthen our ideas and experience new ways of making our startup stronger. Klaus, the founder, always supported us with very valuable guidance, for example when dealing with a business angel or negotiating contracts. I fully recommend to engage with InnovationLabs.Berlin.

Christian Kiefer

Founder & CEO, Mobile Learning Labs GmbH

I know InnovationLabs.Berlin since 2015 and have worked with Klaus Kammermeier, the founder, for a few months in 2016. Berlin is a city with a very active startup ecosystem. In this System, InnovationLabs.Berlin with its open innovation approach is quite special. The big network, the great practical knowledge and the innovation techniques that are applied are very unique. I have learned a lot which helped me in my further professional career as a founder. Now I have my own online business. With Pickel Code we help People, who have skin problems such as acne. We give them the knowledge to solve their issues without any medicine just by natural factors.

Philipp Domsch

Founder & CEO, Pickel Code