Think Bold. Act Small. Learn Fast.

Only together we can solve real challenges and create sustainable impact.

We are an evolutionary organisation. To serve our customers and community, we adapt based on the roles required. We encourage teams to learn from one another. This is only possible together with our amazing trusted partners, who contribute and share their competencies and enthusiasm.

Klaus G. Kammermeier, Founder

I support corporates and institutions to innovate quicker with more impact. I am helping founders and start-ups to work on the right things at the right time. To acquire the competencies master students need for successful preneurial careers, I teach them about innovation management, entrepreneurship and marketing. To support personal and team development, I design and train soft skills and experiential learning classes. To assist enterprises and organisations, I stimulate teams to improve and transform and conduct collaborative learning experiences to boost digital transformation. Besides helping the EU to allocate startup funding appropriately, I also speak publicly about innovation, transformation, and personal growth.

Yllka Ibrahimi, Business Development Intern

Driven by innovation, I am thrilled to have crossed paths with InnovationLabs.Berlin. As a passionate individual for creativity and novelty, I have joined projects in different places where I developed a spectre of aspects in business and innovation. During my experience I have been working with different cultural teams, organizing workshops, giving speeches, writing content and leading groups towards different steps. My role at InnovationLabs.Berlin as a Business Development Intern is a transformative one already, and one which I wholeheartedly embrace.

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