Get ready to experiment.

Innovation needs playful experiments. Together with other innovators you learn and develop your ideas to pitching or prototyping in MicroLabs.

Are you looking to learn how to take your project or idea to pitching or prototyping stage? Do you want to re-energise innovation & preneurship in your organisation? Do you want to build a new venture from scratch or adapt to new customer requirements?

In our executive masterclasses, start-up bootcamps, flipped classrooms, and hand-on learning laboratories, you’ll be able to quickly execute the initial stages of your new innovation project or start-up, identify potential for serving customers better, for example through digitalisation, and initiate a energising spark of entrepreneurship in your organisation. MicroLabs are typically joint programs with domain experts or learning hubs, moderated by highly regarded trainers with extensive experiences in various industries.

Discovery XR

We are using virtual reality to enhance customer understanding through a VR-enhanced design thinking process. Our Discovery XR Labs result in clearer value propositions, more meaningful prototypes and accurate product-market fit through human-centred customer discovery.

Digital Validation Lab

In our Digital Validation Lab small and medium size companies and organisations determine their digital maturity and identify quick and sustainable improvement areas. How can I exploit my digital potential, establish realistic projects and achieve results quickly are the key questions addressed in this multiple day MicroLabs. Domain expertise is provided by our partner Luvago, a Berlin-based digital design agency, who tap into extensive experience working with SAP, Red Bull and others.

Pressure Test your Business Model

This executive education program equips innovators with the knowledge and tools needed to deal with the increased complexity in today’s fast-paced, innovative markets and the financial impact of strategic business model scenarios. We focus on the role and key elements of the business model canvas, value proposition design, and financial plan. Participants learn how to model the critical elements of business model scenarios, pressure test the key assumptions, reflect learnings and adjust to changes.


SixDays is an intensive, six-day seminar for people that want to set up a start-up or managers who want to encourage innovation in their teams. Building on Google’s SPRINT methodology, participants learn how to take a project from idea to pitching stage and gain an understanding of new methodologies of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Lean Launchpad

Created by serial entrepreneur-turned-educator Steve Blank, Lean LaunchPad provides hands-on experience in what it takes to start a business. Participants propose and immediately test business hypotheses. They get out of the building to talk with prospective customers, partners and others. They use the customer feedback acquired in these interviews and the guidance from assigned coaches and mentors to refine their product or service; ensure their product or service meets a customer need or solves a customer problem; and validate that they are creating a repeatable, scalable business model.

The class revived my start-up project. I will implement what I learned and move forward now with more enthusiasm and energy.


I especially liked how we get to use concrete and hands-on methods to understand better about our business model and how to start my own business.


Self-evolution tops the rank of my key takeaways. I cannot pay enough emphasis on how the tiny lego task taught me an amazingly regarded lesson. Besides experiencing the importance of positive dynamics in a team, I understand now the importance of minimum viable product and how impactful it can be.


Amazing how every team improved in each session. The program helped me to realise how I can pursue my dream of my own business.


Getting very specific about our product idea forced us to confront hidden challenges which we hadn’t yet considered.