Week two of our NanoLabs summer event series took place last night here at InnovationLabs.Berlin. With a positive turnout of innovators from near and far, we put our heads together to address the challenge faced by e-learning. Current trends in e-learning (online learning programs) for professional purposes in Germany are not seen as a necessary tool for career development of need of implementation now. Why is this? And what actionable steps can be taken to raise awareness for the value of e-learning?

After a quick warm-up exercise, the group began to categorize all of the ways value could be conveyed to corporates. After defining each of the categories, attributes of each category were developed to include the communication channels, partners, and various means of access for the e-learning product.

The last two weeks have been great starts to our summer-long event series! Check our upcoming dates and come experience NanoLabs for yourself!