NanoLabs Summer Edition Underway

Week two of our NanoLabs summer event series took place last night here at InnovationLabs.Berlin. With a positive turnout of innovators from near and far, we put our heads together to address the challenge faced by e-learning. Current trends in e-learning (online learning programs) for professional purposes in Germany are not seen as a necessary tool for career development of need of implementation now. Why is this? And what actionable steps can be taken to raise awareness for the value of e-learning?

After a quick warm-up exercise, the group began to categorize all of the ways value could be conveyed to corporates. After defining each of the categories, attributes of each category were developed to include the communication channels, partners, and various means of access for the e-learning product.

The last two weeks have been great starts to our summer-long event series! Check our upcoming dates and come experience NanoLabs for yourself!

StarTUp Day a success!

Thanks to Smart Data Forum and TU Berlin for hosting a very productive event! The attendees for the “Design Thinking in NanoLabs” were a diverse group, many without previous experience in Design Thinking methods, and uncovered some fantastic insights for their partners. Some highlights from the day and a video of the event will be coming soon!

Students of Waterloo University at InnovationLabs.Berlin

This week, Masters students from the University of Waterloo’s Innovation program visited our site here at InnovationLabs.Berlin. We discussed innovation in Berlin, the unique startup ecosystem, and of course, put them through a Nano Labs workshop. The topics were “How to better motivate oneself?” and “How to better stay awake in the afternoon?” There were some creative solutions developed by the end of the session and the students had a lot of fun!

Chao, one of the students from the class, expressed that he “liked the problem statements and then going to the human-centric solutions.” Bernice echoed that sentiment, saying “I really liked the interactive component of the workshop. It was engaging and got us thinking on our feet. Also, thank you for the snacks!” You’re more than welcome, Bernice!

Thank you, students of Waterloo University! Looking forward to next time!

Creating VR Experiences

What’s it like to be in a group of 7 strangers and telling them what your greatest fear is?

To be frank, it was quite liberating. Personal questions like this and other small group activities were used to break the ice at VisitoRs’ virtual reality (VR) ideation workshop last Friday here at InnovationLabs.Berlin. VisitoRs is a VR startup based in Berlin and focused primarily on developing VR experiences using co-creation methods. And those 7 strangers were not so strange at all. In fact, they were a mix of designers, scientists, software engineers and business folks all working towards the same objective: develop ideas for a VR game. How we did that turned out to be good, clean, user-centric fun.

The guiding principles behind VisitoRs’ workshops are, as stated, user-centric. Rather than copy-pasting your personal beliefs and experiences into product features, put yourself in the shoes of your users: Who are they? What keeps them up at night? What are their pain points in personal and professional life? After having a firm hold on who the user is, you can begin to build a sense for what their needs are and how to address them.

Before long, we had defined multiple users for VR experiences and were channeling ideas for storylines and product features. Once this creative environment was set, it spread like wildfire. One idea led to the next which led to the next and before you know it felt like we were striking intellectual gold! Every activity we engaged in took place in groups of two or more, so we were able to quickly become acquainted and feel comfortable expressing our eccentric, sometimes outlandish, ideas out loud. These sessions also act as a special networking event where you learn about a person from different angles than you would in a more civilised setting.

In a matter of hours we went from developing general customer personas to proposing complex, immersive VR experiences. Each group presented their story boards, collected feedback, and iterated upon the leading ideas. Soon, a working prototype will be developed from one. Pretty cool, right?

If you’ve never experienced this sort of workshop before, I would urge you to attend one as soon as possible. Make it one of your goals for the month. If you live in Berlin, then check out our Nano Labs workshop series where you can learn the methodology and experience the power of co-creation for yourself.

Until then,


NanoLabs at SRH Start-Up Lab Berlin

NanoLabs at SRH Start-Up Lab Berlin

60 Minutes. 2 Groups. 1 Goal: Propose Creative and Practical Solutions for Everyday Problems – NanoLabs at SRH START-UP LAB Berlin. 

InnovationLabs.Berlin moderated NanoLabs with master students from SRH Hochschule Berlin. NanoLabs are ideation sessions where small groups work together to solve real problems. In 60 minutes of intense interaction the groups addressed ever popular user-problems like “Never enough time. How to improve my time management?” and specific business challenges like “How to scale e-commerce websites to grow in many countries?”

NanoLabs take students out of the traditional lecture course environment into a hands-on lab set-up, where they are encouraged to learn from each other, iterate ideas, and take risks. Feedback was unanimously positive. Lola, a participating SRH student remarked: “I really liked the way we did the whole workshop in terms of style and approach” and Areeba found “knowledge is everywhere”.

NEW: Digital Validation Labs

In cooperation with our new partner Luvago, we have developed Digital Validation Labs. It is based on intensive interaction with customers including SAP, Red Bull and others. Together, we determine the digital maturity of your business or organisation, addressing the three most critical challenges of today:

  • How digital is my business/ organisation?
  • How can I utilize my existing potential for digital innovations?
  • How can I get more digital, quickly?

I’m looking forward to working together in our Digital Validation Lab. You too?

NanoLabs #10

Thanks to many engaged innovators, mentors and founders our two participating startups MVP Space and Philosophers in Business, received great support to tackle some of their current questions. Caroline, founder of Philosophers in Business likes mostly that the occasion of NanoLab exists at all. “It is a great opportunity to present an idea or a special issue of my project and to get feedback from people from different backgrounds. Diverse feedback creates the best ground to move on. It was all very well organized. I will definitely take part again.”