Generating Business Models For STEAM Projects. 

November 9, 2018

Workshop, up to 18 participants, tickets €129 (excl. VAT).

This half-day workshop will introduce Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design for STEAM projects. Participants will learn about the necessary elements of a successful business model and be able to create their own. Participants will develop their own unique value-adding position inspired by best practice examples. We will provide helpful tips, and hacks to support convincing stakeholders about the business idea. After this workshop, participants will understand how to get started with their own journey of STEAM customer discovery.

How New Work Affects Our Decisions and Can Revolutionize Decision-Making

NanoLabs@GISMA Berlin

November 21, 2018

Discuss the opportunities of New Work for decision making.

We all know this. We are not making important decisions because we are uncomfortable with the known alternatives. We postpone the decision. Maybe we ask for more data and analysis, or recommendations from experts. After some deliberation, we reject the dream of an app (or artificial intelligence) that takes the decision for us  – instant, data-based, objective. Or we briefly play with the idea of involving those affected by the decision. In the end, we either form a working group that prepares a decision or invite the team to brainstorm.

How are decisions made in teams or organizations? Who is involved and what is actually happening? What opportunities of globalization and digitization are already being used and are changing existing decision-making structures? Do newer approaches and methods that focus on people, such as design thinking or co-creation find their way into decision-making processes and, if so, how are they used?
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