Harness the power of small groups.

Only together can we solve today’s challenges. We believe in the potential of self-organized multi-dimensional teams creating a better future in small steps.

 At InnovationLabs.Berlin we continually strive to create meaningful and sustainable positive change. We are founded on impactful insights gained through our work.

New ideas are formed by thinking traffic.

The New never appears where you expect it. To create breakthrough change, we need to leave the comfort zone of our own thinking patterns. By sharing our thoughts and engaging openly with others who have experiences and competencies unknown to us, we form new connections.

Heterogeneous teams are smarter.

Small groups with members from diverse backgrounds with complementing experiences and skills focus on more facts, challenge each others hidden assumptions more effectively, and process ideas and connections more carefully.

Breakthrough outcomes through self-organisation.

When we manage ourselves, we breed trust and responsibility and extraordinary and unexpected things start to happen.

Behaviour drives Culture.

We replenish our dreams by doing and we create the future through our acts. Our behaviour and how we implement our ideas are recognized by others. We influence, change, and create our culture though everything we do.