“Innovation doesn’t happen centrally, according to plan, but at the edges, all the time.”

NanoInsights: Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux

„No one can be made to evolve in consciousness, even with the best of intentions – a hard truth for coaches and consultants… What can be done is to create environments that are conducive to growing into later stage. When someone is surrounded by peers who already see the world from a more complex perspective … chances are higher that the person will make the leap.“ (p 39)

„We can learn to minimise our need to control, to look good, to fit in. We are no longer fused with our ego, and we don’t let its fears reflexively control our lives.“ (p 44)

„In the absence of judgement, relationships take on a new quality. Our listing is no longer limited to gathering information so as to better convince, fix, or dismiss. We can create a shared space safe from judgment, where our deep listing helps others to find their voice and their truth, just as they help us to find ours. “(p 49)

„I took a group of people who thought the same way, and put them in situations… where they were required to solve problems with multiple answers…and lo and behold, when the results started to come in I found this most peculiar phenomenon: the TEALS find unbelievably more solutions, than all the others put together. They found more solutions than the RED plus the AMBER plus the ORANGE plus the GREEN. I found that the quality of their solutions to problems were amazingly better… I found that the average time it took the TEAL group to arrive at a solution was amazingly shorter than it took any of the other groups.“ (p 50)

„Change in nature happens everywhere, all the time , in a self-organizing urge that comes from every cell and every organism, with no need for central command and control…“ (p 56)

„When organizations are built not on implicit mechanisms of fear but on structures and practises that breed trust and responsibility, extraordinary and unexpected things start to happen.“ (p 83)

„..if you see a problem or an opportunity, you have an obligation to do something about it…“ (p 121)

„We need to recover the power of storytelling.“ (p 159)

„What we are striving for is each partner making a conscious choice about how much time and energy they are willing to commit to help the organisation move towards its purpose.“ (p 182)

„Feedback given that way is not an objective evaluation, but a joint inquiry.“ (p185)

„The right size of a workforce is equal to the number of people needed to make the workplace fun.“ (p 188)

„The shift from self-preservation to purpose also transforms a number of key organisational practises: how the strategy is developed…“ (p 194)

„Innovation doesn’t happen centrally, according to plan, but at the edges, all the time, when some organism senses a change in the environment and experiments to find an appropriate response.“ (p 203)

„Any situation can be approached from fear and separation, or from love and connection. We choose love and connection.“ (p 231)

Reinventing Organizations – A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness. Frederic Laloux, 2014, published by Nelson Parker.

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