A good question is not concerned with a correct answer.”

„We need to believe in improbable things more often. Everything is in flux, and the new forms will be an uncomfortable mix of the old. With effort and imagination we can learn to discern what’s ahead more clearly, without blinders.“ (p 15)

„In a superconnected world, thinking different is the source of innovation and wealth. Just being smart is not enough.“ (p 43)

„The digital native is free to race ahead and explore the unknown. Accessing rather than owning keeps me agile and fresh, ready for whatever is next. “(p 133)

„What happens if we turn the old model inside out and have the audience/customers in charge?… As innovation expert Larry Keeley once observed: ‚No one is as smart as everyone‘.“ (p 148)

„Anything that can be shared can be shared better, faster, easier, longer, and in a million more ways than we currently realize. At this point in our history, sharing something that has not been shared before, or in a new way, is the surest way to increase its value.“ (p 161)

„Modern technologies are combinations of earlier primitive technologies that have been rearranged and remixed. Since one can combine hundreds of simpler technologies with hundreds of thousands of more complex technologies, there is an unlimited number of possibility new technologies – but they are all remixes… We are in a period of productive remixing“ (p 193)

„‚Transformation‘ is another term for becoming. ‚Transformation’ acknowledges that the creations we make today will become , and should become, something else tomorrow.“ (p 209)

„Implicit in VR is the fact that everything – without exception – that occurs in VR is tracked. The virtual world is defined as a world under total surveillance…“ (p 230)

„The future of technology resides, in large part, in the discovery of new interactions. In the coming 30 years, anything that is not intensely interactive will be considered broken.“ (p 236)

„Information is expanding at the rate of a nuclear explosion, but unlike a real atomic explosion, which lasts only seconds, this information explosion is perpetual, a nuclear blast lasting many decades..“ (p 258)

„Metadata is the new wealth because the value of bits increases when they are linked to other bits.“ (p 258)

„It has always been clear that collectives amplify power – that is what cities and civilisations are – but what’s been the big surprise for me is how minimal the tools and oversight that are needed.“ (p 270)

„A good question is not concerned with a correct answer.“ (p 288)

The Inevitable – Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future. Kevin Kelly, 2016, published by Viking, Penguin Random House LLC.

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