StartUp Night, Think Big.

As a new intern in Berlin, who is slowly diving into the Start-Up eco-system that surrounds this capital (even in cafés), it´s been positively overwhelming to be apart of one itself. The first week of my internship ended nicely with an attendance at the Start-Up Night – Think Big event, which took place here in Berlin in 4 different venues; Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank, Volkswagen and Microsoft on September 8th.

The variety that the event unfolded was one of the alluring factors which made me consider attending again the following year. With a number of 5000 attendees and hundreds of start-ups from all around the world, it was a great experience to see multiple perspectives on a number of business approaches and their presentations. This place was filled with innovative ideas, from technological health, censorship, mobile developments, communication to virtual reality and more. I encountered such moments where I would stop and think; why hasn´t anyone come up with this until now? – or a better question “how come I didn´t think of it? It´s an obvious need”. You get the idea, the next big trends were there.

In addition, there were some great inspiring speeches. One of the few which I got to listen was from the Pitch Doctor, where some realistic points and issues were brought up with a comical twist. One line which I took from the Pitch Doctor, that I think is worth sharing, was to stop pretending that your idea is cool, and instead make your idea authentic by being yourself.
On a sidenote: let´s leave outside the cheesiness.

In addition to the StartUp Night being a place to present and exchange ideas about different platforms, this event is a great one for networking, getting to know people from already established corporations, investors, founders and prestigious newcomers from any continent.

Give it a shot next time.

Cheers from InnovationLabs.Berlin,
Yllka Ibrahimi