We Need Each Other to Transform.

How human resources can create value and impact business strategy.

„A sense, a vigilant instinct that perhaps never before, has the ‚people factor‘ been seen as such a key differentiator in the world of work. Philosophers, artists, politicians, scientists and innovators are all converging on the point that work – and its future – is all about people and purposeful endeavours.“ (p xv)

„Workplace design is becoming so critical that instead of working from home, we’re made to feel at home in our workplace with coffee bars, sofas kitchen tables, shower rooms, and ubiquitous table top games…“ (p xvi)

„…that complexity should be embraced and viewed as a challenging inevitable. We should view complexity in the world of work from the perspective of the white water canoeist rather than the dam builder.“ (p 4)

„Employee engagement has suffered through being overly number-chasing; non-responsive and HR’s initiative. It’s not – it’s everyone’s initiative. Give HR some help and join in with what’s truly needed to help people feel as enabled as much as they need to be; and included as much as they want to be.“ (p56)

„…ultimate ownership for the process, compliance, benefits, relevance, inspiration is with the person whose job is subject to the performance management.“ (p 59)

„We all have a responsibility to support the work of understanding and working with differences and it is a given that diversity of workforce, and therefore diversity of thought becomes an innovation advantage.“ (p 61)

„Many corporate failings aren’t down to the lack of governance processes they are down to the culture of ignoring them.“ (p 62)

„Transformational HR is therefore a little like having a super-hero alter ego in HR. Someone who by day, is a payroll administrator, but by night is a people-enabling hacker and innovator.“ (p 83)

„So vast are the challenges… that we need at least a minor form of transformational HR approach to all of those new issues we’re facing in the world of work, and shifting expectations and needs form people at work by the leaders, entrepreneurs or role holders. In essence the transformational HR professional is a practitioner,; a people scientist, a solutions engineer, a systems architect, a creative designer and an activist in using people and organisational psychology.“ (p 88)

„A truly transformational leader is someone who is urging on the people in the organisation to go beyond their current operating confines; who can express a desire to transform the nature of the business and its way of working; to inspire people to innovate and creatively apply themselves to their work and the future of the company. Transformational leadership is a mixture of opportunity identification, spirit galvanising, activism alignment and problem solving. It’s the future and now, it’s the head, heart and guts of the pursuit of the possible.“ (p 89)

„Miranda Ash agrees ‚In my experience organisations tend to realise a need for transformation through a combination of pain and enlightenment.“ (p. 141)

„Meghan Keeley shares her thoughts which really resonated with me: While it may be an idealist opinion, I think an organisation must first sense a need to transform based on the input from employees primarily and customers secondarily. An organizations’ employees are the heart of the organisation and there wouldn’t be customers if it wasn’t for the work that employees do. And for employees to be able to express a desire for some sort of change, the organisation should have a culture that allows for such expression.“ (p. 142)

„Transformation has to be effected on an individual level in order to truly succeed.“ (p. 143)

„Agile, Scrum and project-orientation will overtake static allocated roles, with more time spent on iteratively doing than traditional cascade drip-down over-planning and documenting.“ (p 213)

„We need each other – of course – to transform.“ (p 237)

Transformational HR. How human resources can create value and impact business strategy. Perry Timms, 2018, Kogan Page Limited.


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