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How To Enable Fast Decision Making In A World of True Ambiguity.

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We all cringe when we don’t progress with an important decision. We delay and ask for more data or for additional recommendations of experts. We dream of an algorithm that decides for us but end up forming a sub-team to brainstorm alternative solutions. In this webinar you will discover,

  • how you can enable fast decision making in our highly complex and ambiguous world without relying on ineffective tools and habits,
  • how to come to good decisions based on insights, collaboratively and fast.

Disrupt Your Future.

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Consider this simple and powerful experiment: Apply innovation principles to your personal development and do something spectacular!

Our framework for transformational innovation with simple, yet powerful tools will empower you to recognise your potential for innovation and enhance your personal development significantly.


3 Tools to Prioritize Innovations.

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You work with a number of diverse ideas and initiatives? You want to make sure they are closely aligned with your strategy? You want to be able to make the right decisions faster?

In this session, you’l discover how to closely connect strategy with idea selection and priorization, learn how to apply a small and focused set of criteria to assess ideas and initiatives with confidence, and explore a groundbreaking way to speed up decision making and implementation.

How you can create and harness aha moments to lead your teams to success.

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More aha moments mean more insights, mean solving more complex problems, as well as solving complex problems faster. That is something we could all benefit from, whether we want to tweak a marketing campaign, solve a client challenge, or innovate a new business model.

Wouldn’t it be great to have more aha moments? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to create more insights? And not just on the individual level but on the level of teams and organizations. In this webinar, you’ll discover how you can lead your team to success through creating an insight culture and aligning insights to value.

How team performance improves through transformational insights.

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To get more inspiration, energy and excitement from your team, to lift your team’s performance, to adapt to changes in your team or inspire a new vision, you need to create transformational insights. In this webinar, you’ll discover how global organizations transform themselves through unique high value insights and SMART and SMALL interventions.

Learn how NanoLabs® enable mindset leaps and improved team performance.