4i Vision enables discovery, innovation, and transformation.


    4i Vision


    An accessible approach to innovation that can be integrated into all aspects of business and society. An easy to use structure and framework for individuals, teams, and organisation to clarify Intention, find,Inspiration, gain Insights, and achieve Impact through break-away ideas.


    • Combines classic and iterative innovation. 
    • Human centric, intimate, and simple.
    • Supports people, teams and organisations to grow.
    • Based on 10+ years of experience with 100+ startups, corporates, and projects.
    • Utilised by customers from around the globe in divers industries and markets.


    Find your purpose, transform yourself or your organisation, and commit to it.

    Clarity and transparency in every goal  and every action os the first step of realising a break-away outcome. We know human centered, insights driven, and emotional narratives connect people to action and drive innovation.

    Say: I want to…

    Key Words: Challenge. Want. Dare.


    Move beyond brainstorming and make creative problem solving an integral part of your decisions and actions. Small or large.

    Pause for a moment and discover new possibilities by asking deep questions. Aim to listen and observe deeply, find inspiration in what’s around, and build a culture for sharing deep insights.

    Say: I could do…

    Key Words: Dream. Experiment. Start


    Aha moments propel us to pursue insights with strong conviction. After experiencing a eureka-moment, there is no turning back.

    Look for secrets where no-one else is looking, forge a collaborative vision, realise unique innovations based on deep shared insights. Make them count.

    Say: Eureka! I’ll do…

    Key Words: Understand. Share. Connect.


    The New has a powerful effect. It transforms the present and creates new futures. Not in concept, but in reality.

    Act with purpose and dedication, measure the implications, and keep an open mind to unforeseen outcomes. Let’s strive to measure in multiple dimensions and learn how to assess how business propositions turn into data.

    Say: Resulting in…

    Key Words: Act. Change. Solve.