We believe that only together we can solve today’s challenges and create sustainable impact.

Think BOLD. Act Fast. Make it Happen.

Tap into the wisdom of your team.

Learn from experts you normally do not meet.

Induce inspiration and creativity with rapid prototyping.

New approaches enable deep insight experiments.

Immerse yourself in and get inspired by Berlin’s creative innovators and startups.

We design and conduct immersive innovation experiences.

NanoLabs® Innovation Workshops and Programs

We have invented NanoLabs to empower individuals and teams to exponentially improve their ideation and innovation cycle. NanoLabs build on years of experience working with teams and leaders from many branches and functions from all over the world. 


  • are moderated, small heterogenous group activities.
  • address a specific and relevant challenge.
  • are intense while playful.
  • facilitate experiential problem solving.

NanoLabs® Online Conversation

We bring the power of NanoLabs now to everyone with our NEW NanoLabs® Online Conversation. You can solve your challenges and create amazing solutions right from your desk, from the couch or at the beach. Thanks to our first of it’s kind conversational coaching technology – initially focused on individuals.

NanoLabs Online

  • are individual immersive online conversations.
  • address your specific and relevant challenge.
  • enable playful discovery.
  • facilitate creative problem solving.

We are an evolutionary organisation. We adapt based on the roles required.

Klaus G. Kammermeier, Founder

Klaus supports corporates and institutions to innovate quicker with more impact. He is helping founders and start-ups to work on the right things at the right time. To acquire the competencies master students need for successful preneurial careers, Klaus teaches innovation management, entrepreneurship and marketing. To support personal and team development, Klaus designs and trains soft skills and experiential learning classes. To assist enterprises and organisations, he stimulates teams to improve and transform. He conducts collaborative learning experiences to boost digital transformation. Besides helping the EU to allocate startup funding appropriately, Klaus speaks publicly about innovation, transformation, and personal growth.

Aurore Marcel

Aurore is an interaction designer and holds a masters degree in Design Innovation Technology and Arts, from the University of Bordeaux and a masters degree in Design and Complexity from the University of Montreal.  Her multidisciplinary background and professional experiences allows Aurore to have a perfect mastery of design tools in space, scenography, graphic and UX design. She is passionate about new digital city services in order to connect people to their city and improve their quality of life

Malte Koslowski

Malte is an awarded designer and innovator with an entrepreneurial mind set and business strategic thinking. He has a cross-sectoral background in consulting, product development and digitization. Deep user empathy, technology, sustainability, and a strong conceptual approach drives his work. With corporations, he worked as independent consultant and entrepreneur for over seven years. with SMEs and Start-ups, he drove development and innovation processes on strategic and operational level. Malte graduated from University of Arts in Berlin with a first class diploma in Industrial Design.

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