Trigger Growth.

NanoLabs® Workshops

Discover and adopt break-away solution in our immersive small group events. We custom design transformational aha-moments by applying cutting edge methods to your specific challenges or opportunities.

Coaching & Mentoring

Find your passion and develop the skills you need in the future though coaching and mentoring programs.

NanoLabs Workshops & Programs

Apply Design Thinking

You will explore and apply the key concepts in each phase of the Design Thinking approach. You will conduct an immersive use case, with experiential learning opportunities in each…

1 or Team 2-8 Hours Certificate

Deploy OKR

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is the framework for defining and monitoring objectives and their impact. OKRs create real focus around the most important goals supporting…

Team 2-8 Hours Customised

Discover Customer Value

Understand and learn how to follow a structured process to unearth user dissatisfaction and unmet opportunities for exchanging value. Learn how to discover value potential and…

Team 2-8 Hours Certificate

Digitalize Your Business

Digitalisation represents the biggest opportunity for future success. Learn about digitally successful companies and experience how you can innovate your business…

Team 2-8 Hours Customized

Six Day Sprint

An intensive designing, testing, and validation sprint for everyone who wants find out if their idea is good. You’ll move from clearly defining the problem to user testing and…


Innovate With Impact

This unique program is based on my many years of experience and experimentation with innovation processes, business management and leadership. While existing innovation…

Team 1 WEEK Certificate

Coaching & Mentoring Programs


Together we establish individual coaching programs to find purpose, achieve personal growth, and drive change in roles, teams and organisations…

Individual >3 Months Individualised


We mentor individuals and teams and establish mentorship programs for organisations including code of conduct, mentor profiles, matching, and best practice hands-on training…

1 or Team >1 Year Individualised

“It was an incredibly valuable experience being around Klaus and learning every day – a nurturing and generous mentor.”

Rachael Newport

Producer at XR Tales

“We had the great opportunity to work with Klaus for both, our company and our personal development. Klaus advises and provides constant feedback, varying from customer development to actionable steps, has made a significant different to our business. We’ve seen increase in people’s interest for Parametricos since he believed and joined our vision. I personally trust Klaus as a mentor and as an advisor to represent our company professionally and further help us succeed.”

Marios Messios

CEO and Founder, Parametricos