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Tap the experiences of top innovation practitioners and learn to create massive transformational impact. Unlike physical conferences where you can end up spending time on content you just don’t need, the authentic conversations of the Innovation Impact Summit provide deep experience based insights that are right for you. Choose from more than 15 hours of inspiring content that you need to create real impact through innovation.

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Try this simple and powerful experiment: Apply innovation principles to your personal development and do something spectacular!

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Learn how a few basic principles shape the mindsets of many organisations around innovation and transformation. Learn from their mistakes and tap into your own potential for innovation.

ONLINE 20 min

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Get inspired and adapt your hero’s superpowers to find ground breaking answers to your important challenges

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You’ll learn about and create your unique User Persona Profile while we talk.

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“Working with Klaus has been a great experience. He can conduct intense workshops that provide high value and he is resourceful into finding solutions. Klaus gives you the tools to progress your ideas.”

Antonis Ekizos

Biomechanics, Neuroscience, Biology of Human Performance, Reboost