NanoLabs® Program

Innovate With Impact

4i Vision – Your Roadmap And Compass To Create The Future.

This unique program is based on my many years of experience and experimentation with innovation processes, business management and leadership. While existing innovation approaches and processes typically start with individual elements like ideas which will be formed into innovations, 4i Vision is looking at innovation as a holistic, interdisciplinary, and iterative meta-process.

What you’ll do

You’ll move from the reactive approach of executing your strategy to win in an anticipated future towards proactive creation. Our approach will allow you to formalise a common language around any decision making activity or change initiative. You’ll apply the framework to develop your own innovation roadmap and learn how to navigate towards your successful future.

What you’ll get

Our hands-on innovation program Innovate With Impact will apply 4i Vision throughout the innovation cycle. You’ll learn how this approach integrates your existing processes with new iterative and agile approaches, thus enabling strategic transformation in day to day activities. You’ll generate your own innovation roadmap and compass – on business, product and team level.

  • Generate your own innovation roadmap and compass – on business, product and team level.
  • Learn how to overcome your barriers for innovation and change.
  • Understand how to deploy 4i Vision and create sustainable impact.

Best for business and innovation leaders who want to establish a new leadership paradigm for innovation and transformation.

“It has everything – it is visionary far beyond the horizon of the ordinary, it is simple enough to be ingenious, and it is deeply rooted in successful testing.”

Jürgen Bolz

Innovations-Coach & Facilitator, Querdenker

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