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NanoLabs are an open innovation event series for everybody interested in experiencing and learning through innovative ideation methods and proven problem solving processes.

Nano Labs are a mix of a barcamp, hackathon and un-conference. In our Creativity Labs, you will find new ideas. In our Systems Labs, you’ll learn new approaches. Experienced entrepreneurs will share their ‘lessons learned’ in our Experience Labs. Our Nano Labs are facilitated by professional coaches and specialists in startup and innovation methods like Co-Creation, Lean Startup and many more.

Systems Labs

Lean Startup

Business Model Canvas

Value Proposition Design

Road Mapping


Creativity Labs

Digital Brainstorming


Design Thinking

Crowd Ideation

Experience Labs

Fireside Chat

Fish Bowl


NanoLabs for Startups

NanoLabs have provided Bitemojo with a fantastic opportunity to bounce ideas with experienced industry professionals and identify those blind spots that are so typical in small, hyper-busy teams.

Alessio Tixi


Thanks to the professional moderation and the present diverse group of experts a series of solution ideas got developed. We can now solve our challenges in a structured way. The event location was appropriate and the finger food was delicious. Many thanks to all participants and to the NanoLabs Team.

Dennis Hindenburg

CEO, Strival GmbH

Exciting to experience – even in the very short time available – that detailed solution paths got created…

Read the full blog in German.

Julia Lazaro

Team Start-ups IHK Berlin

Being part of NanoLabs means being part of the Berlin ecosystem of innovators. NanoLabs’ lean format is designed to reach effectiveness in community building, to help startups ideate solutions with innovative approaches and validate assumptions together with the users. During NanoLabs events you will experience innovative approaches to grow your business through hands-on workshops and professional networking.

Marco Berni


Great event for startups, founders and entrepreneurs! We liked the mixed groups, the structured steps, and the activated minds.

Anh Ngoc Tran

Packator GmbH

NanoLabs offer startups a valuable opportunity to utilize the present group of experts to get help and support for their current challenges. Besides receiving practical hints and suggestions, startups also benefit from participant’s networks. Appropriate time management enables useful results in just one hour.

Robert Hohlbaum

Innovation Manager

NanoLabs #12: May 8, 2017

We invite founders, startuppers and all interested people who want to actively participate and engage with Berlin's Startup Eco-System to our open Nano Labs.

NanoLabs for Executives and Teams

If you keep your head open to new perspectives and to innovation, NanoLabs is for you. This could be a unique workshop, or a working session on an acute problem. It could also be a fireside chat with someone who can give you a new perspective. Nano Labs can be internal to a specific department, multi-functional across organisational boundaries and casted with external thinkers, creatives and do-ers.


NanoLabs can be described as a philosophical salon for disruptive thinkers.  Klaus has done a great job in curating a high quality community.  NanoLabs is thought provoking and fun. InnovationLabs.Berlin is a great space, both aesthetically and in terms of the freedom to test out new ideas, facilitation methods and modes of thinking.

Elizabeth Press

Founder, D3M Labs

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