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NanoLabs are 60 minute ideation sessions where business-critical issues are confronted and solutions generated by our network of multi-disciplinary innovators and community members.

Upcoming NanoLabs: July 24, 2017

"Rapid Prototyping" with Kris Gunciarz (MVP Space)

Rapid prototyping helps you to reduce risk during product development by creating prototypes that can be tested and validated with real users, allowing you to create products that match your user’s expectations.The workshop will help you understand the concept of rapid prototyping, different approaches, use cases as well as the benefits of it based on real world examples.We will explain the necessary tools used in different stages of prototyping, concentrating mainly on software projects. We will also look into and discuss how rapid prototyping can be used in other type of projects.


NanoLabs welcome the startup with a problem to solve or the innovator eager to network in the Berlin ecosystem.

Led by experienced innovation professionals, groups will use proven methods for problem-solving adapted from Lean Startup and user-centric principles to ideate solutions in a fun and focused environment. 

NanoLabs have provided Bitemojo with a fantastic opportunity to bounce ideas with experienced industry professionals and identify those blind spots that are so typical in small, hyper-busy teams.

Alessio Tixi


Being part of NanoLabs means being part of the Berlin ecosystem of innovators. Nano Labs’ lean format is designed to reach effectiveness in community building, to help startups ideate solutions with innovative approaches and validate assumptions together with the users. During Nano Labs events you will experience innovative approaches to grow your business through hands-on workshops and professional networking.

Marco Berni


Great event for startups, founders and entrepreneurs! We liked the mixed groups, the structured steps, and the activated minds.

Anh Ngoc Tran

Packator GmbH

NanoLabs for Executives and Teams

If you keep your head open to new perspectives and to innovation, Nano Labs is for you. This could be a unique workshop, or a working session on an acute problem. It could also be a fireside chat with someone who can give you a new perspective. Nano Labs can be internal to a specific department, multi-functional across organisational boundaries and casted with external thinkers, creatives and do-ers.

Nano Labs can be described as a philosophical salon for disruptive thinkers.  Klaus has done a great job in curating a high quality community.  Nano Labs is thought provoking and fun. InnovationLabs.Berlin is a great space, both aesthetically and in terms of the freedom to test out new ideas, facilitation methods and modes of thinking.

Elizabeth Press

Founder, D3M Labs

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