Innovation Labs…

…for Life-Long Learners

Our educational courses for the TU Academy for Professional Education focus on management & leadership competencies for our fast-paced and complex business environments. The courses in English and German are creative, and lively fee-based online, in person, and blended short-term academic educational seminars, workshops, and certification programs.


…for Moon Shooters, Change Pilots, and Brain Builders

Our online courses provide the essential skills in innovation & entrepreneurship required to transform ideas into reality and create sustainable impact.

…for Startups, Scaleups, and Grownups

Our workshops enable effective problem solving while supporting experiential learning of cutting edge creativity and innovation methods. 

…for Business Schools, Universities, and Educational Institutions

Our action based educational courses in innovation leadership & entrepreneurship create sustainable impact through transferable skills.

…for Mentor Experts

Together with CEFE International, we have  co-created MentEntre a global mentor expert community for entrepreneurs.

We invented NanoLabs® and design and conduct online courses, workshops, and education classes to create a sustainable insight based culture.

Our participants say:

NanoLabs are a revelation. A strong but gentle format for ideation, problem solving, issue identification, energy creation and clarification.  With such processes it is either too loose or too complex for people to truly benefit from such an intervention. What I saw with NanoLabs was human energy, critical thinking and clarity in a pacy, possibility-ladened environment.” Perry Timms

Author of Transformational HR, Founder & Chief Energy Officer, PTHR, UK

The NanoLabs Design Thinking Workshop was the highlight for our international participants from EU institutions and ministry officials from EU member states, part of our crash course „Digital New Work“ in Berlin.” Carolin Grund

Europa Netzwerk Deutsch, Goethe Institut, Germany

“As part of a three-day Digital Leaders Event for a global FMCC client, Klaus and his team designed and ran a truly unique innovation experience: NanoLabs. The set-up enabled the 60 plus global participants to build strong relations, while focusing on identifying positive change around core digital challenges in the business.“ Belinda Cannaway

Culture Director, Brilliant Noise, UK

“Thank you so much for giving an insight into your world of innovation processes. Indeed very inspiring, and I really enjoyed the fast paced NanoLab session. You’ve got a great concept there, and as a communication consultant it was a pleasure to see your detailed, clear and visually appealing presentation. Thumbs up!“ Jonas Nordahl

Resonans, Copenhagen, Denmark

We invented NanoHacks®, practical, action oriented resources that often bend the rules and deliver transformational outcomes within minutes.

Some organisations we work with: