NanoHack #1

Clarify Your Challenge

What are you trying to solve, really?

Keep staying on track:

Sometimes we solve problems that require us to work through large amounts of data to uncover the real underlying challenge. This NanoHack will help you isolate and clarify the challenge you need to solve.  A well formulated challenge question can provide you the precision needed to think clearly about the right solutions. 

Good challenge questions position you properly in the problem space so that you can generate new ideas and break-away solutions. They stimulate thought experiments and enable innovation.

  • Gain clarity on the problem, challenge or issue you are facing.
  • Align team members and supporters around the right questions.
  • Provide a solid foundation for ideation and problem solving.
1 or TEAMS 2 pages 15 min Hack #1

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3 simple steps to clarify your challenge

Step 1

Download your FREE NanoHack. Print it.

You’ll find the instructions on page 1. Page 2 is your worksheet to use. 

Read the 3 simple steps carefully and get started within a minute.

Step 2

Check out the examples and follow the given flow to clarify your challenge. Use the worksheet.

Verify it with your team and supporters to be sure you are in agreement about the problem.

Step 3

Share your challenge if you want.

Upload or send it to: klaus@InnovationLabs.Berlin 


Melanie determined how to improve the design of her new healthy food product packaging to make it more eco-friendly.

A startup team creating a non-profit organisation to increase blood donations used it to find a better way to communicate.

Carlo used it to decide which training class to chose to improve his problem solving skills.

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