NanoHack #5

Prepare User Interview

Find the right questions to ask.

Keep staying on track:

Talking to users is important because their feedback helps you to better understand their needs and motivations to design an attractive and effective product or service.

What works? What does not work? What do people really want and what was their experience? These are important questions. Pinpoint effective interview questions and prepare to talk with users in a structured and effective way.
  • Clarify exactly what you want to learn from your users.
  • Formulate meaningful questions and organize the flow of the interview.
  • Create efficiency, save time, and get better results.
1 or TEAMS 3 pages 20-30 min Hack #5

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3 simple steps to prepare your user interview

Step 1

Download your FREE NanoHack. Print it.

You’ll find the instructions on page 1. Pages 2 and 3 are your worksheets to use. 

Read the 3 simple steps carefully and get started within a minute.

Step 2

Follow the given flow and create your interview guide to ask important and effective questions. Use the worksheets.

Conduct your user interview and consider the answers for your innovations.

Step 3

Share your challenge if you want.

Upload or send it to: klaus@InnovationLabs.Berlin