NanoHack #2

Unlock Creative Ideas

Find immediate inspiration in your environment

Unlock 3 creative ideas in just 10 minutes:

Are you starting a new project? Or, are you looking for renewed inspiration and need to refresh your thinking?

This tool generates creative ideas from wacky, imaginative connections. Your immediate environment — the very room you are in! — will inspire you to unlock valuable  ideas. Play with the most promising ideas to make them a reality.

  • Gain new ideas quickly from wacky connections.
  • Transform creative ideas into action.
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3 simple steps to unlock your creativity

Step 1

Download your FREE NanoHack. Print it.

You’ll find the instructions on page 1. Page 2 is your worksheet to use. 

Read the 4 simple steps carefully and get started within a minute.

Step 2

Follow the given flow and make wacky connections.

Use the worksheet.

Step 3

Share your thinking with your team and friends to see what they think.

Share your ideas, if you want and send them to: klaus@innovationLabs.Berlin 


During a low-energy moment at a workshop, a team leader used this NanoHack to re-energise the team with wacky ideas.  

Laura created unusual and highly engaging activities for an arts and education networking event.

When creating future user scenarios, a tech startup simulated non-obvious user needs and behaviour. 

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