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Create User Persona

Create User Persona through this online conversation:

To develop valuable and useful products, services, or experiences it is critically important to understand your customer’s or user’s needs and expectations. In this engaging online conversation you’ll learn about the value of a user persona and how to create one. You’ll actually  create your custom user persona during the conversation.

Create Custom User Persona.

  • Visualise the data or assumptions you hold about your user in a customised user profile (persona) you can relate to.
  • Learn about the key elements of a user persona and focus on what is really important.
  • Receive a printable user persona, created during this easy going conversation.
Online 45 mins Individual

Create User Persona:  €19

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Create User Persona In 3 Simple Steps


Step 1

Make sure you have about 45 minutes of focus time. Get headphones or turn up the volume.


Step 2

Join the conversation, learn about user personas, and create your own.


Step 3

Receive a printable user persona document and share your results with your peers, teams, or organisation.

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