Certificate of Participation

International Strategic Management & Innovation

The course addresses the relationship between technological change, knowledge management and strategy; and how organizations can be led to support technology, innovation and design. Participants in this course aspire to or are destined for broader or multidisciplinary management or leadership roles in organizations.

This course includes concepts, theories, models, and frameworks that enable participants to understand and improve strategic decision making and its implications. The module encourages participants to think cross-disciplinarily, building on current research in technology, innovation, and design

What it delivers

Concepts, theories, models, and frameworks to understand and improve strategic decision making and its implications inside and outside of an organization. Participants will critically examine the principles, processes, and procedures that best support innovative technology solutions using ractical use cases that represent typical or unconventional approaches.

What life-long learners get

Participants will learn and be able to understand, apply, and critically evaluate key theories and models of strategic management.

  • Understand and support the development of an organisational environment conducive to creativity and innovation.
  • Specify and synthesise ways in which strategy is developed and implemented in today’s enterprises.
  • Create multidisciplinary solutions to complex issues in sustainable business growth.
  • Critically evaluate the contribution of innovation, learning, leadership, management, and change to strategy formulation, formation, and enactment.

Educational Institution: TU Academy for Professional Education

In English and German, various starting dates: Short Courses Management & Leadership

Certificate: TU Berlin Certificate of Participation

The program is specifically designed for executives and management employees who wish to broaden their perspective beyond the functional business areas in which they already have experience.