Certificate of Participation

Soft Skills for Engineers

Skills in communication and social competence are key factors for engineers seeking leading positions. The seminar & workshop will enable participants to master the social challenges in the work environment, provide a basic understanding, and a hands-on experimentation space for the key soft skills required to lead employees, teams and organisations. In immersive real-life situations, participants will train and develop their abilities in teamwork, adaptability, collaborative problem solving and other key transferrable soft skills.

What it delivers

Theories and recommendations for actions to improve communication, teamwork, decision-making, and public speaking. Participants will practice methods such as active listening, feedback and feedforward, as well as storytelling and other approaches, to work together more successfully and achieve better outcomes for themselves.

What life-long learners get

Participants will have a better understanding of required written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills in globally diverse teams and develop their ability to actively listen and solve some typical conflicts in group engagement.

  • Ability to actively listen and solve some typical conflicts in group engagement.
  • Understanding of team development phases and how they can effectively interact accordingly.
  • Critical observation and self-management skills to aid problem solving and decision making.

Educational Institution: TU Academy for Professional Education

In English and German, various starting dates: Short Courses Management & Leadership

Certificate: TU Berlin Certificate of Participation

The course addresses communication skills and interpersonal skills as key factors for engineers who aspire to or hold leadership positions.