BA Course

Creative Industries Startup Labs

This multi-stage Startup Lab is part of the international full-time study course ‘Creative Industries Management’ at SRH Berlin School of Popular Arts. 

Berlin is a hot-spot for the creative industries – a vibrant place attracting creatives from around world.  In the programme, students learn about management theory, communication and cultural studies, and also acquire practical skills and competencies in projects undertaken across the creative sector. This combination of theory and practice will prepare students for a range of management positions in areas such as film, TV and video, computing, publishing, design, music, performative services, leisure and entertainment.

What it delivers

The modules will encourage students to develop enterprise and creative leadership skills through designing, planning, communicating and leading their own creative business venture.

Students will develop their own creative ideas into successful business propositions, using key entrepreneurial modelling techniques including NESTA’s tried and tested Creative Enterprise Toolkit, Steve Blank’s Startup Owners Manual, Guy Kawasaki’s Art of the Start, and others.

What students get

The creative game-based Startup Labs earn ECTS credits and playfully introduce the interconnectedness between creation, business, and entrepreneurship.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of setting up a creative business and understand and experiment with the range of perspectives on different startup approaches.
  • Learn how to choose a creative busines idea, validate it through user interaction, and morphing it into a viable business proposition.
  • Critically evaluate theories and methods and assess their relevance and applicability for their specific creative business concept.



Educational Institution: SRH Berlin School of Popular Arts

Degree: B.A. Creative Industries Management

Provide Creative Business Startup Labs to give students the insights and practical experiences needed for their course of study. Particularly suited to international full-time creative business degrees.

“Creative Business Startup Lab has been one of the most vital and greatest courses this semester. .. it feels like an ongoing workshop class with a lot of leadership and motivation pumped into it because after every class, not only are you highly informed on business strategies, formation of startups, the key elements of running a business and the characteristics of being an entrepreneur just to name a few, but you get highly motivated and enticed to actually put your knowledge, soft skills and project ideas into immediate use. The power of the class combined with the expertise of the lecturer really creates a strong impact on the learning environment.”

Chono C. Chibesakunda