Educational Courses

We design and conduct action based educational courses, covering the key skills in innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship required to be successful in today’s fast growing gig- economy and business environment. Our courses are co-created with reknown universities, business schools and professional education providers from around the world to enable and facilitate an effective and enjoyful learning experience. We focus on creating sustainable impact through transferable skills tapping into the newest learning methods and approaches. 

We work with a variety of education providers to deliver insight experiences with cutting edge creativity and innovation methods.

Educational Courses Lectures and Seminars

Our education courses are validated by hundreds of international BA, MSc, and MA students from reknown Universities, including TU Berlin, Grenoble Ecole de Management, SRH Berlin School of Popular Arts, Glion Institute of Higher Education and other competitive business schools and education providers.

Innovation Management

Designed for business leaders and managers who want to become change agents within their organisations …

with: TU Acedemy for Professional Education

degree: TU Berlin Certificate (3ECTS)

Class 20 HOURS Credits

International Strategic Management & Innovation

Participants aspire to or are earmarked for wider or multi-disciplinary management or leadership roles within organisations.

with: TU Academy for Professional Education

ONLINE 5 Days Participation

Creative Industries Startup Labs

This multi-stage Startup Lab is part of the international full-time study course ‘Creative Industries Management’ …

with: SRH Berlin School of Popular Arts

degree: BA Creative Entrepreneurship

Class 60 HOURS Credits

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

This elective is part of the international full-time engineering degree master programme ‘Master of Space Engineering (MSE)’…

with: TU Berlin, Space Engineering

degree: MSc Masters of Space Engineering

Class 80 HOURS Credits

Leadership, Teambuilding & Managerial Creativity

The class provides the space for students to explore their leadership styles, skills and potential inside and outside of the class…

with: Grenoble Ecole de Management

degree: MSc Innovation, Strategy & Entrepreneurship

Class 60 HOURS Credits

Soft Skills for Engineers

For engineers who want to qualify for management and leadership positions

with: TU Acedemy for Professional Education

Class 3 Days Participation