Six Day Sprint

Validate and pitch new ideas in just six days

An intensive designing, testing, and validation sprint for everyone who wants find out if their idea is good. You’ll move from clearly defining the problem to user testing and pitching. We have adapted Google’s highly successful SPRINT concept and enhanced it with the element of storytelling. Participating teams will apply the basics of iterative development with agile methodologies of innovation and preneurship. Our structured six day program weaves problem solving, experiential learning, and team building together to address your challenges.

What you’ll do

You’ll create new opportunities, develop a low resolution prototype, collect user feedback, and package it in a compelling narrative to convince stakeholders or investors. Applicable for digital products, service, or experience design.

What you’ll get

Our hands-on innovation program Six Days actually takes six days. You will leave the intensive block program with a low resolution prototype that you can present to leadership or investors to receive further funding.

  • Rapid progress from idea to user tested solution and convincing investment pitch.
  • Learn how to achieve traction and impact quickly.
  • Experience a new and highly energetic way of working together.
  • Learn how to put agile methodologies into day to day work.

Best for founders, startups, and product teams. Arrange a custom designed Six Day Sprint and you will prototype, validate and pitch your ideas in just six days.

“Getting very specific about our product ideas forced us to confront hidden challenges which we hadn’t considered.”

Connor Jonas

Aerospace Engineer

Some innovative organisations we work with: