Master Course

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

This elective is part of the international full-time engineering degree master programme ‘Master of Space Engineering (MSE)’ at TU Berlin. The goal of the programme is to equip systems engineers to become leaders in the space industry. The MSE study programme focuses on space system design, space technology, space management and operations and intercultural communication.

There is a lot of potential in space technology. A number of space start-ups are founded and large companies and agencies adapt to new technologies using methods of innovation management that are discussed and applied in this module. Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship demonstrates the concepts of innovation, innovation management, and entrepreneurship in a practical hands-on multi-week curriculum.

What it delivers

Students explore and apply state-of-the-art innovation processes and methods, innovation strategies, business models, and practise space related aspects of entrepreneurship and funding, leadership, communication, and motivation. A mix of theoretical lectures, applied excercises, and team project work will lead to pitching a startup idea, and in some cases to actually forming a startup.

What students gain

This hands-on elective class earnes ECTS credits and equips students with the practical experience to develop, build and pitch a space technology related idea.

  • Gain a practical understanding of innovation in larger enterprises and agencies.
  • Learn how to create a valuable technology related product and service idea in an international environment.
  • Develop the skills to build business models and present ideas and concepts in front of decision makers  in form of a project proposal or startup pitch.

University/Faculty: TU Berlin, Space Engineering

Degree: Master of Space Engineering

Provide Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management as class module to give students the insights and practical applications needed for their course of study.

Adaptable to international full-time engineering master degree classes.

Getting very specific about our product ideas forced us to confront hidden challenges which we hadn’t considered.”

Connor Jonas

Aerospace Engineer