MSc Course

Leadership, Teambuilding & Managerial Creativity

Organizations in the 21st century are increasingly operating in complex and turbulent global environments with very high amounts of change. This class establishes the importance of leadership, teambuilding and managerial creativity by providing an exploration of effective leadership behavior in practical excercises to develop insightful self-awareness and self-management skills. The class provides the space for students to explore their leadership styles, skills and potential inside and outside of the class.

To create sustainable learning experiences, the class draws on a variety of projects that the students are involved in throughout the overall program and in other course modules.

What it delivers

The course enables students to experience and reflect upon their own team building capabilities, experiment with different management and leadership approches, and apply creative management skills to solve practical business challenges.

What students get

The creative game-based Startup Labs earn ECTS credits and playfully introduce the interconnectedness between creation, business, and entrepreneurship.

  • Explore leadership capabilities and evaluate the impact on team performance and development. 
  • Strengthen ability to work effectively and constructively in teams.
  • Manage different leadership and team challenges creatively and successfully. 

Educational Institution: Grenoble ecole de management

Degree: MSc in innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Provide technology and innovation students the experiments and excercises needed for successful development of leadership and team building skills.

Particularly suitable for international full-time business degrees.

This course gave me a sufficient understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs to know why, how and when to start. It had much more impact on my personal development and ambition than I was expecting to. I had the opportunity to work with wonderful and surprising people, to work in the most international environment possible (seriously, 16 country of origins within a 29-students class), and to learn how to manage and/or being managed when working with teams.”

Ambre Jeanneau

MSc Innovation, Strategy & Entrepreneurship

During this module I had to work on making myself and my ideas more vocal, taking initiative to set and get tasks done, to mediate arguments and… While these skills are often achieved outside of the educational cadre, we were able to do it within this module. Through the module I was also able to test and evaluate the skills I believe I have in leadership and teambuilding. It was a much-needed reality check because now I know exactly how I can go about solving them.”

Manuella Omba

MSc Innovation, Strategy & Entrepreneurship