Cultivate Insights

Create an insight culture

Wouldn’t it be great to experience more aha moments? More aha moments mean more insights, mean solving more complex problems, as well as solving complex problems faster. That is something everyone could benefit from, whether you want to tweak a marketing campaign, solve a client challenge, or innovate a new business model. Discover the science behind insights and learn what you can do to find more high quality insights, share them in your teams, and lead your teams and organisation to better insight based decisions. 

What you’ll do

You will explore the fundamental concept of insight based decision making. You are going to apply a simple structure and process to discover and share more insights and conduct an immersive use case, providing experiential learning in each key step.

What you’ll get

Our hands-on workshops Cultivate Insights in NanoLabs range from 2 to 8 hours. You will leave the NanoLab with prioritised next steps you will be able to put into action right away.

  • Understand the science behind aha moments – how and why they happen. 
  • Learn why real insights drive individual and team energy and how they contribute to high performance teams. 
  • Experience how deep insights enable new breakaway solutions and learn how to create an environment that nurtures insight discovery.

Arrange a custom designed workshop for your team or organisation. You will be able to cultivate insights and re-energise curiosity and discovery.

“Thank you so much for giving an insight into your world of innovation processes.”

Jonas Nordahl

Communications, Resonans, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Thanks for a really insightful and energising workshop.”

Dominique Palac

Learning & Development Consultant

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