Online Courses

for Moon Shooters, Change Pilots, and Brain Builders 

We develop online courses to support learning and problem solving in your own environment and at your own time.  Our courses cover the key skills in innovation and entrepreneurship required to transform ideas into reality and create sustainable impact. These skills enable every partipant to grow and acquire the skills needed in today’s innovation and impact driven economy.

Our online courses are based on successful educational programs and classes conducted with reknown universities, business schools and other education providers from around the world and adapted to facilitate enjoyful online learning


How to… Online Courses

Our ‘How to…’ online courses cover key appraoches or outstanding solutions within innovation and entrepreneurship. They are based on our own experiences when developing products, providing services, or co-creating within our community.

How to move a conference/event online

You will learn how you can set-up and run an online summit by yourself with minimal effort and little cost…


How to create impact

Our expert action leaders from more than 15 countries from around the world will be sharing their experiences and knowledge about creating massive transformational impact.


Accelerated Learning Audio Courses

Our audio courses are based on educational programs and classes with a variety of global education providers indluding Porto Business School, Grenoble ecole de management, University of Waterloo, SRH Berlin School of Popular Arts, University of Southern California, and others.

Audio: How to move a conference/event online.

Our set of 10 .mp3 files – in total over 1 hour of clear guidance of How to move a conference/event online.  Step by step…

.mp3 audio 60 mins

Essentials For Entrepreneurs

You’ll learn and apply 5 key tools – we call them NanoHacks – fundamental to every startup and entrepreneurial journey.


Learning Laboratory Online Conversations

As innovation laboratory, we continually  innovate to provide valued new methods and tools for learning, transformation, and innovation.

Unleash Your Hero

Get inspired and adapt your hero’s superpowers to find ground breaking answers to your important challenges…

Online 45 mins Report

Create User Persona

You’ll learn about the value of a user persona and you’ll actually create your own custom user persona…

Online 45 mins USER PERSONA