Discover break-away solutions in our high energy NanoLabs® innovation workshops and programs.


  • are fully immersive experiences.

  • inspire creative learning throughout your innovation journey.

  • are online conversations or customised small group activities.
  • enable you to clarify your intention, find inspiration, gain insights, and achieve impact.

NanoLabs Online

Discover YOUR superpower in our one of it’s kind online conversation.

Prepare for launch…


BANG! Unleash Your Hero.

Get inspired and adapt your hero’s superpowers to find ground breaking answers to your important challenges. This amazing and unique immersive experience is your launchpad for thought experiments.

Individual 45 Min Online

NanoLabs Workshops

Apply Design Thinking

You will explore and apply the key concepts in each phase of the Design Thinking approach. You will conduct an immersive use case, with experiential learning opportunities in each key step. By applying…

1 or Team 2-8 Hours Certificate

Cultivate Insights

Explore the fundamental concept of insight based decision making. You are going to apply a simple structure and process to discover and share more insights and conduct an immersive use case, providing…

Team 2-8 Hours Customised

Discover Customer Value

Understand and learn how to follow a structured process to unearth user dissatisfaction and unmet opportunities for exchanging value. Learn how to discover value potential and how to…

Team 2-8 Hours Certificate

Digitalize Your Business

Digitalisation represents the biggest opportunity for future success. Learn about digitally successful companies and experience how you can innovate your business…

2-8 Hours Certificate Customized

NanoLabs Programs

Six Day Sprint

An intensive designing, testing, and validation sprint for everyone who wants find out if their idea is good. You’ll move from clearly defining the problem to user testing and pitching. We have adapted Google’s highly successful SPRINT concept and enhanced it with…


Innovate With Impact

While existing innovation approaches and processes typically start with individual elements like ideas which will be formed into innovations, 4i Vision is looking at innovation as a holistic, interdisciplinary, and iterative meta-process…

1 WEEK Certificate Customized

“NanoLabs are a revelation. A strong but gentle format for ideation, problem solving, issue identification, energy creation and clarification.  With such processes it is either too loose or too complex for people to truly benefit from such an intervention. What I saw with NanoLabs was human energy, critical thinking and clarity in a pacy, possibility-ladened environment.”

Perry Timms

Founder & (CEO) Chief Energy Officer, Author of Transformational HR

“The NanoLabs Design Thinking Workshop was the highlight for our international participants from EU institutions and ministry officials from EU member states, part of our crash course „Digital New Work“ in Berlin.”

Carolin Grund

Europa Netzwerk Deutsch, Goethe Insitut