Use Case



What cultural differences exist when interacting via voice with digital devices?


Global research program to identify user experiences and their regional differences.


Deep user and user experience insights.


Designed and conducted user experience experiments in Berlin and Paris, simulating voice enabled interaction with low resolution prototype.

  • Pre-research, research, and post-research support for user experience interaction, including interviews, transcripts, translation, and documentation.
  • Selection and management of users for specific narrow target user segment.
  • Facilitation and moderation of research interviews / user experience in Berlin, Germany and Paris, France in local language.


Achieve deep user insights and cultural differences in interacting with digital devises via voice and virtual assistant.

  • Discovered significant user experience insights in 17 defined research areas, including recognition, personalisation, security and privacy.
  • 33 user experiences interactions and interviews unveiled significant challenges and opportunities for voice interaction with digital office devices.

Building the interaction prototype.

Analysis of user interviews.

Working with Innovation.Labs exceeded our expectations: an interested, objective and extremely efficient team. Tecnopuc Crialab + Innovation.Labs partnership is one of those we will remember with fondness, and we look forward to the next opportunity to work together!“

Daniela Szabluk

Tecnopub CriaLab, PUCR, Porto Alegre, Brazil

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