Innovate with impact.

Together we solve real challenges. We are creative minds, pioneers and builders, dreamers and pragmatists from many industries and disciplines. We create unique innovation experiences.

 Learn how InnovationLabs.Berlin enables you and your organisation and teams to create and sustain breakthrough change.

Tap into the insights and experience of your team.

With NanoLabs, you’ll be able to break out of routines you are stuck in, test new approaches in a safe setting, and ignite new levels of team performance.

Learn from experts you normally do not meet.

With InnovationLabs.Berlin, you’ll be able to get to know and interact with innovators you rarely meet, gain transformational insights, access unknown talents, enhance and validate key innovation ideas.

Co-develop your project from idea to pitching or prototyping in just a few days.

In MicroLabs, you’ll experience and apply cutting-edge innovation and entrepreneurship, quickly execute the initial stages of your new project or start-up and re-invigorate passion for innovation in your teams.

Experiment with new approaches, see results quickly, and enable sustainable change.

In NanoLabs, you’ll learn and try proven innovation methods including design thinking, co-creation, agile and other creativity and decision making hacks.

Immerse yourself in and get inspired by Berlin’s dynamic start-up and innovation eco-system.

Meet and interact with key shakers and makers, experience which drives Berlin’s start-up scene, and how organisations enact change.

„The NanoLabs Design-Thinking-Workshop was the highlight for our international participants from EU institutions and ministry officials from EU member states, part of our crash course „Digital New Work“ in Berlin.“

Carolin Grund, Europa Netzwerk Deutsch, Goethe Institut

„As part of a 3-day Digital Leaders Event, Klaus and his team have designed and run a truly unique innovation experience: NanoLabs. The set-up enabled the 60+ global participants to build strong relations while focusing on solving for positive change.

Belinda Gannaway, Culture Director, Brilliant Noise

“As a team, we try to keep our heads open to new perspectives and to innovation. NanoLabs enable us to practise complex models quickly.“

Machiel Schepers, Online Marketing Group, airbnb

“NanoLabs were well received by our teams. Especially the methods used, their moderation, the meaningful interaction and exchange, and the quick results, achieved highest marks.“

Kerstin Reuland, Communications, Siemens Steam Turbines

“The experience and expertise that InnovationLabs.Berlin brings to the table is fundamental to the success of our business building program.”

Tushar Raju, Project Manager IoT & Corporate Innovation, etventure Startup Hub

Klausthe founder of InnovationLabs.Berlin, strikes a perfect balance of structured thinking and freewheeling innovation.“

Benjamin Lorch, Head of GISMA Business School Berlin

„Liked the fresh and creative dialogue with people from different fields and mindset.“

Philippe Bahlburg, Business Innovation, Daimler AG