What if, you find your next innovation where you don't expect it?

What if, you could transform your organization and deliver innovations with speed?

What if, you could realise your innovations without risk?

We advise, connect and guide organisations to create groundbreaking innovations and new ventures.

InnovationLabs.Berlin is your springboard to realize transformative digital innovations. We believe you only innovate sustainably when you exchange ideas, experiences and insights. We nurture access to and meaningful exchange with creators, shapers and makers. We combine thinking-traffic with inter-action. We know what it’s like to be stuck in a slow and inefficient innovation culture, so we created a unique holocratic organization that will support innovation and cultural transitions all the way. We advise, guide and accompany corporates, mid-size companies and startups to build and grow transformational innovations and digital solutions.

Remove Limitations

Without the limitations and boundaries of your existing structures and processes, we enable rapid development and execution of new venture opportunities.

We provide the framework, guidance and governance to disrupt existing models.

We connect you with untapped domain expertise to create unique transformative innovations and businesses.

Change How

Our unique innovation approach combines the best of traditional innovation methods with modern agile and user centric approaches and enables you to simplify and rapidly advance your innovation and transformation journey and to sustainably improve innovation culture.

Our web of experts are the core of InnovationLabs.Berlin’s startup and innovation eco-system, creating new ways of interacting, supporting and learning.

Become Agile

Our holocratic organizational model creates powerful new ways of venture self-organization to reduce the risk of implementation.

We run lean processes leading to faster decisions and learnings transfer.

To develop agile innovation champions, we take participants beyond their comfort zones with our events, programs and tailored trainings.

We provide unique hands-on innovation experiences to energise today's innovators and fuel tomorrow's disruptors.


Curating the next-generation open innovation eco-system in Berlin that enables LEAN innovation and transformation. Where corporates innovate like startups and startups scale like corporates. The door to Berlin’s dynamic startup scene – the place to co-work, co-create and co-succeed. Supported by bespoke training experiences for executives and teams on innovation and preneurship, digital leadership, co-creation, design thinking, effectuation…

Nano Labs are short and intense impulse events to create solutions, learn and experience innovative ideation and problem solving techniques. Nano Labs work best with up to 10 participants in each lab and are facilitated by experienced innovation experts and group moderators. Creativity Labs focus on ideation, Systems Labs enable learning, and Experience Labs foster learnings exchange.

Micro Labs are hands-on experiences of up to one week which result in a minimal viable prototype and a roadmap. Like „hackathons“ tap into the skills of digital natives, our Micro Labs utilize the creative energy of diverse multi-faceted teams to develop future oriented meaningful new products, services, processes or business models. Our Micro Labs embed corporate champions in the process to foster learning, culture change and transfer.

Speed Labs encompass three to six months of business incubation and acceleration leading to a new minimal viable product or service, including soft launch. Dedicated teams – sometimes enhanced with selected external specialists – work closely in deep engagement. Startups benefit predominantly from this engagement with increased implementation speed and effectiveness. Corporates re-energise their innovation culture and small and mid-size enterprises typically utilise the infrastructure to multiply their resources and gain speed.

We create innovation experiences, support and engage with forward thinkers, innovators and leaders in these areas:

Renewable Energy

Sharing Economy

Crowd Services


Food Tech

Health Tech



Life Style




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We are a community of master minds, shapers and makers.

Klaus founded InnovationLabs.Berlin after many years with global technology companies and deep engagement with the Berlin Startup Eco-System. He managed numerous innovation initiatives and portfolios, coached and mentored more than one hundred founders and startups, and curates a community of more than thirty hardware, software, service and social startups. He is Managing Director of Cyoneer GmbH, an innovation consultancy and speaks publicly about innovation, preneurship and digital transformation. He teaches master students at TU Berlin, is an executive trainer at GISMA Business SchoolHaensch Business School, and various enterprises and institutions.

Klaus G. Kammermeier

Founder and CEO, InnovationLabs.Berlin

Our curated community brings together experts in the areas of innovation (co-working, crowd services, co-creation, design thinking…), R&D (product design, prototype and small series production, product security…), law (patent law, terms & conditions, partnership agreements, notary…), finance (banks, business angels, VCs, accounting, tax advisors…), human resources (recruiting, team development, e-learning, education & training…), IT (web services, hosting, IT services…), marketing and sales (branding, media, PR, SEO, events, film/video, sales..), and management (business strategy, organization, coaching, mentoring, consulting…) to enable companies to build and grow transformational digital solutions. See our community members….

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